Sex Literature

The act of sexual intercourse is so much more than the obvious. Pleasure and gratification are important in the process, but the act itself is so much more. Sex novels are meant to relate the act to the expression through sex literature. Some of the most famous sex novels such as “Lolita” by Vladimir Nobakov and “Lady Chatterley’s Lover” by D.H Lawrence have sexual content but relate to so much more. Sex literature gives us the opportunity to visualize sexual acts with our own take on it and in actuality it is better than porn. Pornography is a director’s take on sex and porn stars interpretation of the director’s script. Sex literature allows the mind to go on its own sexual adventure.

The Romance Author

There is quite a difference between sex novels and a romance author, one is written to entice and tease while the other evokes emotion and pulls at the heart. Some readers are infatuated with love and it has been described as “being in love with being in love”. These are readers who look for a connection before the physical attraction and do not believe that women are the only ones after this connection. Sex novels that are written for erotic pleasure are meant to draw you in with intense sex scenes and imagery that is relatable and easy to imagine. The job of a romance author is to separate romance from the physical, somewhat like the contrast between hardcore porn and soft-core porn.

Remain Unbiased

Writing sex literature is not easy if you are someone with the mindset of Adolf Hitler because there is nothing sexy about deciding to kill a woman instead of sleeping with her because she is Jewish. Sex literature has to be free of hate to truly grasp the meaning of desire, passion and eroticism. Remaining unbiased as a romance author is essential, but it does not mean that characters no longer have preferences they just aren’t militant about them. An unbiased reader will enjoy sex novels with characters of different races and sexual orientations enjoying each other.

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